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Neige Christenson and Tim O’Donnell – July 4th Jam at Earthdance Retreat Center. Musical overlay is a medley of three tunes, used with permission, by Childsplay : “Liam Childs/ Balkin’ Balkan/the E.B.E. reel”.
“Auf Freiem Fuss” von DanceAbility /austria. film and music by Gerhard Aba © 2009

Two Intermediate Skilled Dancers

Kiev Duet
Japan Contact Improvisation Festival 2010
Duet at Fast Food Drive Thru
Film promoting Danceability
Ray Chung and Neige Christenson – CI 36 celebration, June 2008.
Music: “Muzinge” by Samite of Uganda.   Camera: Spirit Joseph
Not Until Now (Remix) by MEDIUMS   A Film by Brandon Gonzalez. Danced by Laurie Ellington and Brandon Gonzalez  Filmed by Michel Scott
Leilani Weiss and Javier Cura – Contact Improvisation / Tango
Leilani & Ruslan – Contact Festival Freiburg `08
This video was part of an inclusive dance performance in 2008.
Concept: Michael Turinsky  Dancers: Michael Turinsky, Thomas Richter, Astrid Mairoser   Camera and Editing: Sigmund Steiner
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