Gestalt and the Rhythm of the Heart

Instructor: Lauren Clarke

Date: Six Tuesday Evenings, October 11–November 15, 2016
Time: 7:00–9:30pm
Fee: $225
Call: 416-964-9464 x14 to register

The moment we recognize how we overlap with each other—in body, spirit and mind—we gain a greater sense of support and wellness. In this workshop you will connect with others through movement and dialog, in a safe container. Expect to re-discover the ways you are unique, and the ways you impact and are impacted by one another and by the world. This is a six week series of movement and dialog. Come and allow yourselves to expand into playfulness, connection and vulnerability. Come and explore our overlap.

The heart remains our centre force—knowing that the compassion and clarity of the heart offers guidance. The rhythm of its beat offers a constant support to life. No experience of Gestalt or movement needed.

All abilities and curiosities welcome.

Gestalt and the Rhythm of the Heart


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