Explore Ecstatic Dance Session

EDT Dancing

Ways to Dance with Others – Connection and Play

Facilitated by Henry Wai and Emily Pick

Thursday April 7, 2016 from 6:30-7:30 pm
(please arrive before 6:30 to pay and change so that we can start on time)


Find out what Ecstatic Dance can be and learn creative, practical ways to be more engaged, free, confident, or expressive in your dance.

For both new and experienced dancers.

$20 per class (includes admission to Ecstatic Dance Toronto 7:30-9:30 pm following)

2nd Floor, 805 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto

Info: Henryhwai@gmail.com


One response to “Explore Ecstatic Dance Session

  1. Natasha WAUTHION

    Henry, how about the location ?

    Happy New Year ! All my warmest wishes ❤

    Love & Light 💜☀ Serenity & Clarity

    Natasha LOTUS

    从我的iPhone送了 Excuse brevity of mobile messaging

    Brokenness | Cast Away | Washed Away Redemption | Delivrance | Deep Peace

    Avec ma profonde & tendre humanité

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